Monday, July 29, 2019

Dissertation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Dissertation - Essay Example This research paper provides with an overview of aims and objectives that basically drive the researcher to carry out this research with full devotion and sincere effort. After that it incorporates background of the study that highlights that why it was important for the researcher to carry out research on this particular topic. Important reasons behind studying the social impact of tourism on Manchester were highlighted in this chapter. The impacts of tourism have been reasonably well researched, particularly from the environmental and economic perspectives. More recently, attention has turned to exploring the social impacts of tourism and important research is emerging in this area. According to Mathieson and Wall, (1982, p.133) â€Å"the social and cultural impacts of tourism are the ways in which tourism is contributing to changes in value systems, individual behavior, family relationships, collective lifestyles, safety levels, moral conduct, creative expressions, traditional ceremonies and community organizations.† This report will focus on the research of attitudes and opinions of the residents of Manchester in terms of the social impacts of tourism on their lives and town. According to Butler (1974, p.103) â€Å"it is possible to breakdown the social impact into three generalized area, relating to the resources used by local residents, their economic wellbeing, and their life styles. Research into the social impacts of tourism on a community also suggests that â€Å"a number of factors influence the level of impact. For example, factors such as the state of the local economy, the maturity of the tourism destination, and the level of community attachment have been found to influence the level of impact of tourism activities.† (Gursoy, Jurowski and Uysal 2002) In Manchester, social contacts between tourists and local people results in mutual appreciation, understanding, tolerance, awareness, learning, family bonding respect, and liking. Residents

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